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What are the Network requirements

This article explains the minimum network requirements for our sensors to operate


The HoxtonAi Sensor can connect via Wi-Fi or fixed ethernet connection to transmit data to the cloud. 

The Sensors require very minimal bandwidth. The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • 1Mbit/s - Upload
  • 1Mbit/s - Download

The Sensors require constant connectivity. Please ensure that you provide adequate network coverage for the sensors when installing them.


For Wi-Fi connectivity the Sensors can operate on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands.

For ethernet, please use cables that are rated Cat5e or higher.


Our Sensors make use of the following ports for operation:

  • 443 TCP 
  • 123 UDP
  • 53 UDP 

Additionally, you should whitelist the following domains for the relevant ports above:

  • *.balena-cloud.com
  • *.amazonaws.com
  •    hoxton.cloud
  • *.googleapis.com
  • *.poo.ntp.org

Our Sensors make use of DHCP - we are looking at adding static IP functionality in the future.

If the network you would like to connect to has any of the following properties:

  • Hidden SSID
  • Splash page
  • Company firewall

Please speak to a sales representative about the best way to proceed by emailing sales@hoxton.ai