Reconfigure your office space for a new way of working

Understand employee behaviour with occupancy and directional insights   

  • Live and historical occupancy
  • Insights on directional flow
  • Analyse usage of rooms and floors

Balancing requirements

The pandemic has forced many organisations to rethink how they use their office spaces. Hybrid working models and the continued need for social distancing are two key factors playing into the change.

The focus for many businesses will be on fostering collaboration in this new environment, posing questions on the amount of space needed and how meeting rooms can most effectively be used.

An office layout that promotes collaboration whilst maintaining social distancing
An illustration highlighting how easy it is to review the data and make insights

Behaviourial Insights

By reviewing occupancy data coupled with directional insights, organisations can gain a wealth of understanding on how people flow through their spaces, where they spend their time and where potential pinch-points lie. These insights can also help to identify rooms that are not being used and ways to use spaces more efficiently. 

In addition to supporting the reconfiguration of work spaces, insights can also be used to improve operational efficiency in areas such as cleaning and the use of heating and cooling systems.

"I'm delighted we decided to trial HoxtonAi Occupancy Alert in one of our venues. The sensors were installed in minutes and within a couple of weeks we had the data and the confidence to increase visitor numbers by 30%. We now have the sensors across our full national portfolio."

Operations Manager
National Chain of Visitor Attractions

Making your data journey easy

Gone are the days of long contract commitments and poor, opaque data quality.  The benefits of live occupancy data has never been so easy to access.  

HoxtonAi Occupancy Monitor is designed from the ground up to be easy to set up and try.  We don't require multi-year contracts, because we are confident that you will drive substantial value from this revolutionary technology. 

An illustration of how the occupancy monitor works

How it works

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Simply sign up for your completely free 30 day trial with up to two sensors.

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Use the mounting bracket provided to install a sensor above each entrance door.

  • Installs in minutes
  • Connects to your WIFI network
  • Plugs into mains power

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  • See real-time occupancy

  • Set customised occupancy alerts

  • Easily share historical and live data




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