Reopen your resorts and attractions, safely and profitably

The world’s best loved destinations are going through the most turbulent period in modern times. Due to the pandemic, many venues have had to shut their doors or at least operate with restricted numbers in order to keep visitors and staff safe. The long-term financial implications for these destinations are evident as venues juggle an abrupt drop in revenue, often with unchanged overhead costs.  

In the past, it was key for such culture and leisure facilities to invest in incremental improvements in their customer experience. This has been upended by the need for detailed site operation and maintenance procedures – to stay open, and to stay safe.  

Visitor counting technology has been used for years as an analytics tool to track trends and drive marketing. The most accurate and advanced technologies are also being used to make reopening easier, safer and more visible.  
At a basic level, venues can use live occupancy data to report on the number of people coming into their space. When capacity limits are being reached, an alert can be sent out so they can take appropriate measures to ensure staff and visitor 
safety. Venues can also choose to display the occupancy data for visitors, thereby communicating that occupancy is being tracked and managed, and reassuring visitors when areas are below occupancy thresholds in a prescribed area. 

Taking the technology one step further, venues can be strategic about the way in which they operate in order to ensure additional safety, optimise staff and reduce costs.

Download this guide to understand how data can help you to understand how visitors use your space. By applying these insights, you can enhance and transform your operations through the challenge of social distancing and beyond.

  • Monitor your venue's occupancy beyond the entrance and into your busiest spaces

  • Optimise operations by understanding when and where staff are needed to ensure visitor safety

  • Identify opportunities for increasing occupancy whilst ensuring visitor safety  

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A guide to: Reopening resorts and attractions, safely and profitably

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