About Us

At HoxtonAi, we believe a major challenge of our time is to make more efficient and productive use of the world's physical spaces.

These account for 50% of the world's resource usage and 86% of the economy. Optimising these spaces is most often held back by a lack of visibility and data into how they are actually being used.

Accurately counting how people use your space and interpreting the behaviours is the first step towards process improvement

We believe that understanding how people use a space will open up huge productivity improvements in process management, planning, staffing, operations, advertising and more.

We are on a mission to democratise access to the technology that allows this.

From the starting point of simple people counts, we have moved to sophisticated occupancy and staffing metrics, with many new technologies in the pipeline. Our mission is to lower the barrier to entry of these technologies and deepen their link between the data and the process that is driven by it.

What has traditionally been a highly technical, heavy and service-based industry, we want people to easily try out and smoothly embed in their spaces in order to optimise and iterate their day-to-day operations.

How live occupancy data and footfall insights can help you to improve processes.

We imagine a future where new buildings are not built unless they're needed.

Where more tickets are sold if there's capacity. Where a venue understands which marketing works or doesn't, and the staffing reflects the demand. We believe heating and cooling should only be used if there are people present, cleaning and maintenance processes respond to the usage rather than timers, rooms or halls are allocated by actual usage and much much more.

We are, at our core, technologists and scientists, obsessed with making an impact on users and the world.

HoxtonAi has three product principles:

Easy to understand


Both the input and the output must be logical and aligned with how humans actually think about spaces, rooms and buildings.

Easy to set up


Completely self-installable and easy to manage.

Totally anonymous


Privacy comes first.
The entire stack is designed to avoid or eliminate all personal data.

People count

Insights on how and when people enter and exit your space.

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Occupancy monitor

Be notified when spaces in your sites reach critical levels.

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