The accuracy of the solution allows us to confidently admit more visitors as space becomes available - something we’ve never been able to do in such detail before.
David Hingley, Head of Visitor Experience - Tate
A client using the dashboard to gather insights from people count and occupancy data

A revolution in simplicity.

A simple sensor above the door, coupled with the Control Room cloud platform. All you need to understand and optimise how you operate a physical space.

We offer two core solutions that are accurate, easy to install, flexible, scalable, reliable and cost-effective.

People count

Insights on movements in and out of a space.

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Occupancy monitor

Get real-time occupancy insights and alerts.

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Setting up the cameras couldn't have been easier. I thought remotely installing a camera-network across multiple sites would be a logistical nightmare, but they really are plug-and-play and reporting is very simple for all relevant heads to access.
Ashley Brough, Head of Retail - Ribble

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A client connecting the people count sensor to a central management system.

Making it easy for you.

Get access to the data quickly and easily with our cost-effective, self-install HoxtonAi solutions.

  • Installs in minutes
  • No site visits or engineers
  • Flexible contracts

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Install your sensors

Use the mounting bracket provided to install a sensor above each entrance door

  • Installs in minutes
  • Connects to your wifi
  • Plugs into mains power

Start monitoring your space

HoxtonAi solutions enable you to:

  • Understand behaviour in your space
  • Identify trends and spot opportunities
  • Optimise how you manage your space