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"Vital during the Covid-19 pandemic"

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A Revolution in Simplicity

A simple Sensor above the door, coupled with the Control Room cloud platform.  All you need to understand and optimise how you operate a physical space.

We offer two core solutions which are accurate, easy to install, flexible, scalable, reliable and cost-effective.  

"Any operator can install it. Stick it on the wall, plug it in and off you go."

Sook Spaces

An illustration of the area covered by the HoxtonAi People Count Sensor

Ai People Count

The building block of building data.

The HoxtonAi overhead sensor counts the number of people using your spaces, providing a number of key commercial benefits: 

  • Track the flow of people entering and exiting
  • Spot behavioural trends
  • Optimise utilities usage
An illustration of the area monitored by the Hoxton Ai Occupancy Monitor

Ai Occupancy Monitor

Link multiple Overhead Sensors to understand the live occupancy of a space. Set alerts when capacity is reached, and allocate your resources to the busiest locations.


  • Fire and Covid safety
  • Find capacity opportunities
  • Inform visitors of occupancy

Making it easy for you

with minimal configuration.

Get access to the data quickly and easily with our cost-effective, self-install HoxtonAi solutions  

  • Installs in minutes
  • No site visits or engineers
  • Flexible contracts

Accurate data from powerful algorithms

Our award-winning, proprietary data collection algorithms make the data easily auditable and verifiable, thereby eliminating ‘black box’ data that you can’t trust.  

  • Innovative AI technology
  • Accuracy audits
  • Industry leading accuracy
An illustration of the HoxtonAi Control Room

The HoxtonAi Control Room

An easy to use cloud portal allowing straightforward management of activity from all HoxtonAi Sensors.


  • User and Admin management
  • Simple data download
  • Manage your system from anywhere

Privacy at its core

The HoxtonAi platform has the most advanced privacy-protecting features in the world.

On-device anonymisation means every image is anonymised at source, and deleted once the counting is done.

  • No personal data
  • GDPR compliant
  • No images stored

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An HoxtonAi Sensor above a doorway at a busy cafe

Use the mounting bracket provided to install a sensor above each entrance door.

  • Installs in minutes
  • Connects to your WIFI network
  • Plugs into mains power

An image of data to illustrate how the HoxtonAi data can be used

HoxtonAi solutions enable you to:

  • Understand how people behave in your space 

  • Identify trends and spot opportunities

  • Optimise and enhance how you manage your space