The HoxtonAi live occupancy data helps our Front of House volunteers and staff feel more comfortable and informed, enabling them to manage visitor numbers and flow. It is helping us plan for seasonal trends and maximise capacity at busy times.
Bridget Houseago, Programme and Operations Manager - Lyme Regis Museum
The HoxtonAi occupancy monitoring solution can accurately quantify the number of people in a space in real-time

Real-time visibility of how many people are in your spaces.

Do you know how many people are in your spaces at any time? Our occupancy monitoring solution gives you exactly this information in real-time. Businesses are using this knowledge to increase ticket sales, optimise staff schedules and improve business processes.

An example of the insights that can be gathered from the occupancy data

Dive deep, dissect and make better decisions.

Track visitor numbers from one or more HoxtonAi device on a single dashboard. Easily manipulate the data to gather insights and better understand footfall in your space.

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Understanding visitor behaviour with occupancy data can help you to improve the visitor experience

Improve your visitor experience.

Spotting trends can help predict and plan for future behaviours. Since our HoxtonAi device can be quickly installed without the need for an engineer, it can also be easily moved to help you monitor a different space. Request a trial today and find out what insights you can gather on your space.

We are able to allow more guests in as we can now rely on the sensors and know exactly where we are at in our occupancy.
Kim Barrus, Director of Guest Experience - Aquarium of Niagara

Visit our features page to understand the differences between the people count and occupancy monitoring solutions.

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Occupancy Data: Why It's Vital For The Success Of Your Leisure Asset.

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The building block of building data.

People counting.

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Quantify people as they pass through your entrances