We can identify and analyse specific trends and react to these quickly, which has been vital during the Covid-19 pandemic and will be even more important to us as our schemes return to traditional levels of footfall.
Gareth Wilkins, Area Manager - Bruntwood
People counting data can help plan staffing rotas with accurate data insights

Take the guess work out of your staff schedules.

Strategically plan your staffing schedules using footfall data to spot trends in a day, across the week and through different seasons. Use the data to understand how other external factors can effect customer numbers.

All our sensors are highly accurate and regularly audited

Overhead Sensor

Typically mounted above a doorway to count people passing through.

An illustration depicting how the overhead sensor works.

  • Count people across a count line as shown.
  • Bi-directional.
  • Covers doorways up to a width of 3m.
  • Installed above a doorway in <20minutes.

Horizontal Sensor

Typically mounted in a window or on a wall, pointing across the flow of traffic.

An illustration showing how the horizontal sensor works.

  • Count people across a count line as shown.
  • Bi-directional.
  • Range of up to 5m.
  • Installed low to the ground in <20minutes.
An example of how the people count insights that can be found from the dashboard

Dive deep, dissect and make better decisions.

Track visitor numbers from one or more HoxtonAi device on a single dashboard. Easily manipulate the data to better understand footfall in your space, gather insights and improve your business processes.

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Understanding visitor behaviour through footfall insights can help you to improve your customer experience.

Improve your visitor experience.

Spotting trends can help predict and plan for future behaviours. Since our HoxtonAi device can be quickly installed without the need for an engineer, it can also be easily moved to help you monitor a different space. Request a trial today and find out what insights you can gather on your space.

Any operator can install it. Stick it on the wall, plug it in and off you go.

Data accuracy is vital for properly understanding how spaces are being used and identifying where processes can be improved.

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An example of how a people counter might work at a gallery.

Visit our features page to understand the differences between the people count and occupancy monitoring solutions.

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Take your people counting to the next step with live insights.

Occupancy monitoring.

  • Easy to configure
  • Completely accurate
  • Affordable
Understanding occupancy in your space gives you insight into behaviours.