Ai People Counter

The building block of building data


"The product is self-contained and any operator can install it. Stick it on the wall, plug it in and off you go."

Dan Burnham

Overhead Sensor

The Overhead Sensor goes above a doorway and counts how many people go in and out.

It is designed to take under 20 minutes to set up and install.

  • Anonymises on device
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Connect to WiFi or ethernet
An illustration of how the Ai People Count sensor works
An illustration showing how easy it is to control the sensors in one place.

The Control Room

An easy to access and easy to use portal in the cloud allowing straightforward management of activity from any device.

On receiving your Sensor you will get access to the Control Room. Here you can register your Sensor to your account, monitor its status, set user rights for data access and configure alerts to protect data continuity.

  • Access from anywhere
  • Configure multiple users
  • Central access to all Sensors

Easy CSV download

The starting point for collecting, storing and analysing data that works for everybody is a simple, easy CSV download to import into your favourite spreadsheet.

Talk to us if you’d rather APIs, dashboards and charts.

  • Hourly counts by entrance
  • Store three years of past data
  • Updates every day
An illustration of a CSV download icon