The building block of building data.

Ai People Counter.

Make smarter, data-driven operational decisions and improve revenue streams, with accurate street-to-store conversion data.

Compare site performance, optimise staff planning and measure marketing efficacy.

Understand trends in your site with an electronic, overhead footfall counter

We installed the HoxtonAi devices as we wanted to get an accurate view of traffic to our stores. We have been using the data to understand customer trends, calculate conversion rates, and compare how each of our stores have been performing.

David Brinson Managing Director Good
Installs in minutes, highly accurate and easily scalable.

Overhead Sensor

Typically mounted above a doorway to count people passing through.

The bi-directional overhead footfall counting sensor installed in a doorway.
  • Count people across a count line as shown.
  • Bi-directional.
  • Covers doorways up to a width of 3m.
  • Installed above a doorway in <20minutes.

Horizontal Sensor

Typically mounted in a window or on a wall, pointing across the flow of traffic.

The bi-directional, horizontal footfall sensor installed in a shop window to measure people traffic outside the site.
  • Count people across a count line as shown.
  • Bi-directional.
  • Range of up to 5m.
  • Installed low to the ground in <20minutes.

Dive deep, dissect and make better decisions.

Track footfall from one or more HoxtonAi device on a single dashboard.

Accurately measure footfall traffic past and through your spaces, understand trends by gathering a site specific baseline, and maximise revenue streams.

Easily analyse your site's footfall data on a single dashboard.

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Building metrics

Take the guesswork out of your staff schedules.

Strategically plan your staffing schedules using footfall data to spot trends in a day, across a week and through different seasons. Use data to understand how other external factors can effect customer numbers.

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Predict and measure customer trends.

Use historic data to predict pedestrian trends and accurate street-to-store conversion rates to measure the efficacy of marketing campaigns.

Understanding these behaviours is key to gaining operational advantage and insights into which marketing activities truly drive incremental revenue.

Footfall data can be used a in a number of ways including measuring marketing efficacy and understanding trend data, to site rationalisation and proving retail value.

Being able to quantify a baseline of store-potential builds a firm foundation to make operational decisions and apply a 'measure to move it' approach.

Ashley Brough Head of Retail Ribble

Data accuracy is vital for properly understanding how spaces are being used and identifying where processes can be improved.

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An example of how a people counter might work at a gallery.

Visit our features page to understand the differences between the people count and occupancy monitoring solutions.

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Take your people counting to the next step with live insights.

Occupancy monitoring.

  • Easy to configure
  • Completely accurate
  • Affordable
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Understanding occupancy in your space gives you insight into behaviours.