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Trend spotting

The pandemic has brought about a number of contradicting challenges for retailers. Social distancing requires customer numbers to be restricted in store, yet at the same time retailers are looking for ways to draw in crowds and maximise sales at quieter times 

With governments coming in and out of lockdown, and shoppers hesitant to venture out makes footfall unpredictable. Surges in shopper numbers after a lockdown prioritises social distancing and additional staff, whilst quieter times requires incentives to draw shoppers in store.  

An illustration showing how footfall counting solutions work in a retail setting.
A photo showing how easy it is to review and analyse data on a dashboard

Shopper data

With access to directional footfall, occupancy data, as well as alerts, shopper behaviour can be analysed and trends identified. In addition to ensuring social distancing, stores can understand the peaks in their shopper traffic.  

Identifying trends in customer behaviour enables retailers to paint a picture of what's happening in their spaces in real-time and manage operations accordingly.

"It has been a fantastic journey so far with Hoxton Analytics in the development of their innovations in footfall traffic analysis. Working with a business that listens to the requirements and needs of the service/product they provide or can create is incredibly advantageous to everyone involved. "

Ashley Brough
Ribble Cycles

Making your data journey easy

Gone are the days of long contract commitments and poor, opaque data quality.  The benefits of live occupancy data has never been so easy to access.  

HoxtonAi Occupancy Alert is designed from the ground up to be easy to set up and try.  We don't require multi-year contracts, because we are confident that you will drive substantial value from this revolutionary technology. 

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How it works

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Simply sign up for your completely free 30 day trial with up to two sensors.

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  • 30 day free trial

Start your free trial

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Use the mounting bracket provided to install a sensor above each entrance door.

  • Installs in minutes
  • Connects to your WIFI network
  • Plugs into mains power

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  • See real-time occupancy

  • Set customised occupancy alerts

  • Easily share historical and live data




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