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An illustration of how footfall data can help you improve processes such as staffing rotas

People count.

The building block of building data. Gather insights on people entering and exiting your space, broken down by day, time and directional flow.

Demo the dashboard and learn how clients have been gathering insights. 

Test the data by trialling our devices in your own space.

An example of how live data insights from the occupancy monitoring solution can be used..

Occupancy monitoring.

See the live occupancy of your spaces and receive alerts as you approach your safe capacity threshold. Use historical data to spot trends and understand directional flow.

Demo the dashboard to see the data features. Learn more.

Occupancy Data: Why It's Vital For The Success Of Your Leisure Asset.
Read The Whitepaper.

The easy, self-install HoxtonAi overhead people counting sensor being installed.

Easy installation & flexible contracts.

The HoxtonAi device has been designed for quick and easy installation without the need for an engineer. And our contracts are designed to suit your business needs.

The plug and play nature of the HoxtonAi solution made it an easy choice to trial with. In addition to helping us manage capacity, what we found from the data was a deeper insight into how our visitors flow through our spaces and ultimately ways to improve the customer experience.
Joey Powis, Managing Director - The Font
People count and occupancy data presented on the HoxtonAi dashboard.

Understand visitor behaviour like never before.

Spot trends, gather insights and dissect the data to inform your planning. Get ready to dive in.

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