Manage social distancing with the changes in manufacturing processes

Live occupancy and directional data for warehouses and distribution centres

  • Easy to use reporting tools
  • Real-time data and occupancy alerts
  • Ensure compliance with government regulations

Shifting strategy

Operations at warehouses and distribution centres have been set up with lean practices to increase throughput, yet the pandemic has put social distancing front and centre.  

To further complicate matters, buffer stock used to prevent shortages is now taking up space originally freed up by just-in-time manufacturing. Reconfiguring workspaces and flow through sites will be essential to ensure social distancing.   

Busy warehouse aisle that needs some social distancing
An illustration of the Control Room showing how easy it is to manage

Data insights for workflow changes

With access to live occupancy data and alertssocial distancing can be enforced in real-time, whilst historical data can highlight opportunities to improve workflow. In addition, directional data helps to identify issues with one-way systems. 

The right data insights can help to continually identify where a shift in strategy will be beneficial, particularly when behaviour post pandemic is unpredictable.

"I'm delighted we decided to trial HoxtonAi Occupancy Alert in one of our venues. The sensors were installed in minutes and within a couple of weeks we had the data and the confidence to increase visitor numbers by 30%. We now have the sensors across our full national portfolio."

Operations Manager
National Chain of Visitor Attractions

Making your data journey easy

Gone are the days of long contract commitments and poor, opaque data quality.  The benefits of live occupancy data has never been so easy to access.  

HoxtonAi Occupancy Monitor is designed from the ground up to be easy to set up and try.  We don't require multi-year contracts, because we are confident that you will drive substantial value from this revolutionary technology. 

An illustration depicting how the Ai Occupancy Monitor works

How it works

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Simply sign up for your completely free 30 day trial with up to two sensors.

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Use the mounting bracket provided to install a sensor above each entrance door.

  • Installs in minutes
  • Connects to your WIFI network
  • Plugs into mains power

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  • See real-time occupancy

  • Set customised occupancy alerts

  • Easily share historical and live data




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